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   Drilled Hyrothermal Energy
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Miami, Florida ~ USA

The predecessor to the US Department of Energy, ERDA, in 1975-77, funded two studies on the “Feasibility of a District Cooling System Using Natural Cold Waters” (Hirshman and Kirklin 1977). The initial report concluded that the coast of Southern Florida, from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach, would be the most suitable location in the US to use naturally cold water for comfort cooling. The second report made an actual feasibility study for a Miami Beach seawater district cooling plant situated at Indian Beach Park. The conclusion of the report states that the “payoff of investment costs with energy savings is seen to be in the fifth year of operation using the recognized discount/inflation rate of ten percent and a differential energy cost escalation rate of seven percent” (Hirshman and Kirklin 1977).

The map below is from a US Government sponsored feasibility study locating a cold ocean water district cooling plant on Miami Beach Florida at Indian Beach Park (Hirshman and Kirklin 1977). The picture (right) shows a current photo of the same location, still relatively available, with a park and parking lot and new potential cooling customers such as the Marriott Group property next door at the Eden Rock Renaissance.


Puerto Rico ~ USA

The potential to drill for cold water in Puerto Rico is within an 11 kilometer horizontal reach of directional drilling. The area near Punta Tuna, on the south east of the island, seems to have an exceptionally close proximity from the coast to the 1000 meter depth contour line. There is also deep cold water at depths less than 1000 meters. The 1000 meter contour line should be a starting point for environmental scientists and oceanographers to confirm the location and temperature off the shore for potential projects. As an example, Dr. Vance Vicente, an environmental scientist from Puerto Rico estimated that the Marriott hotel in San Juan is roughly 2 miles, or 3.2 kilometers drilling distance, from the 4oC cold water of the Puerto Rico Trench.


Mid East

The Middle East region, while well known for fuel production and very warm bodies of water such as the Arabian Gulf, also has areas of deep cold water. The region apparently has extensive experience in directional drilling. The challenge for Drilled Hydrothermal Energy in the region is to position the two water energy sources of at least 20oC side by side and transport the energy to where it is needed. This topic should be the subject of further in depth research but the first figure below begins to illustrate the opportunity. A close look at the bathymetry off the coast between Masqat and Sur, Oman in the second figure below demonstrates that, while the distances between the warm and cold water sources seem to be great, they are still within reach of current technology. An examination of the coastal waters off Gwadar, Pakistan shows the 1000 meter contour just 12,000 meters off shore.

   Innovator Presentations and Events

November 7-8, 2011 ~ Caimbridge, MA
Innovator Poster Presentation
Marine Renewable Energy Conference

3rd Annual New England Marine Renewable Energy Center Technical Conference
For the 3rd year in a row, engineers, scientists, policy makers, device developers, government agencies will gather to share information about their ocean energy devices and best practices. Read more...

January 21-25, 2011 ~ Chicago, IL
Innovator Conference Paper Session
2012 ASHRAE Winter Conference

2012 ASHRAE Winter Conference
ASHRAE is pleased to be returning to Chicago for the 2012 Winter Conference. Members have the chance to discuss and examine the latest topics in the building industry, such as high performing buildings and integrated design, as well as participate in technical tours.

Innovator Presentation - Data Centers: – “The Prospect of Hydrothermal Net-Zero Energy Data Centers” scheduled for Sunday, January 22, 2012: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM - Hilton Palmer House Chicago

Innovator Presentation - Heat Exchangers: Benefits and Models “Hydrothermal Energy – Sustainable Benefits for Island and Coastal Communities” scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 2012: 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM – Hilton Palmer House Chicago Read more...

September 2010 ~ Cairo, Egypt 2010 International Conference...Beyond CFC's
2010 International Conference...Beyond CFC's...Sept 30 - Oct 1 2010...Cairo, Egypt
The theme of the conference is “Road to Climate Friendly Chillers: Moving Beyond CFCs and HCFCs”. Special emphasis will be to identify means to encourage and assist chiller owners, building managers and other end-users in developing countries to undertake activities in the chiller sub-sector (including alternative refrigerants management and chiller replacement strategies) that result in environmental and economic benefits. Read more...

October 2010 ~ Palm Beach, Florida
2010 Sustainable Florida Conference...Oct 12-15...Palm Beach Gardens, FL

2010 Sustainable Florida Conference...Oct 12-15...Palm Beach Gardens, FL
The 2010 Sustainable Florida Conference presented by Florida Power and Light will be held in Palm Beach Gardens on October 12-14, 2010. It is an exciting conference that will feature speakers and exhibitors from public and private sectors highlighting their accomplishments, challenges and opportunities in adopting and implementing sustainable development principles. Read more...